Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At LIFEHONEY®, it is our passion to make giving and receiving gifts a joyous experience.

We unconditionally guarantee the presentation and quality of our goods upon delivery, and we are here to make certain that you and your recipients are 100% satisfied. If a gift we've sent does not live up to these high standards, please contact us and we will re-send the gift with our compliments or refund your purchase price, whichever you desire, up to 30 days after confirmed delivery. Please call us toll free at +1 (833) HONEY-ME for further instructions.

LIFEHONEY® reserves the right to refuse any returns or refunds. If a product is damaged after it is received by you, LIFEHONEY® will not issue a return or refund.

Terms of Sale:
You are responsible for all shipping costs associated with the return or exchange of any products ordered from LIFEHONEY®. Shipping charges are not refundable. Additional information regarding shipping rates can be found here.

For shipments outside of California, LIFEHONEY's prices do not include any excise, sales, use, property, value-add and other taxes or duties levied with respect to the products and services ordered from the Website. You will be responsible for the payment of any such taxes and duties.

LIFEHONEY 100% Satisfaction Guarantee