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Wellness is our Wisdom. Sweetening Change is our Mission.

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Meet Robin Sol Lieberman

UCLA-trained Mindfulness Facilitator and Cultural Anthropologist, Robin Sol has traveled the outer and inner world on quest to understand how to embrace and celebrate life.

Ms. Lieberman is an author and a nationally recognized commentator on KTLA, Fox and SiriusXM. She is accustomed to speaking to a diverse audience about compassionate solutions for society’s ills---from diplomats at the United Nations to those behind prison walls.

At LIFEHONEY, Robin packages ancient global rites with mindfulness training, in a line of beautifully-designed gift kits & jugs, targeted to joyously celebrate life in all its many seasons. She calls this process making lifehoney.

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As alternatives to flowers and fruit baskets, LIFEHONEY™ goods are unique gifts created to rock the boat of traditional gifting.

From births, birthdays, graduations, marriages, deaths, and rebirths, we help people embrace life’s monumental moments.

Each of our beautifully-designed kits is inspired by world wisdom. And each is accompanied by an online mindfulness course taught by our founder.

More than a lifestyle brand, we are a life-event brand. From births, birthdays, graduations, marriages, deaths, and rebirths, we specialize in globally-inspired gifts, goods and guidance to sensitively target the most vital events in a human life.

“The only thing that is constant is change."

Our company is dedicated to helping you make lifehoney from whatever changes life brings you. We source from ancient wisdom traditions around the world, guiding you on your path of wellness & joy.

In America, change-avoidant symptoms like anxiety and depression are on the rise, leading to a compound of other problems such as insomnia, obesity and making poor choices.

So gather round the Lifehoney™ hearth! We have World Wisdom Wellness Kits for you and your loved ones to help digest our shared reality of being constantly bombarded with change.

We offer an alternative to Hallmark, flowers and movie night by redefining gifts from the same old, same old, to gifts that sensitively target the most vital events in a human life:

Falling in Love. Marriage. Baby Making. Baby Born. Baby Comes of Age. Graduation. New Job. Job Loss. New Home. New Year. Sickness. Health. Seasons. Fighting. Forgiving. Falling in Love All Over Again. Broken Bones. Broken Marriages. Mended-Stronger Bones. Finding Yourself. Taking Care of Your Parents. Being Taken Care of by Your Children. Losing Your Pets. Telling Your Secrets. Falling Madly in Love All Over Again...

Each of our globally-inspired designer Kits come with a customized online mindfulness course taught by Robin, Lifehoney’s™ Founder. These courses are designed to help you create radiant wellness while using your Lifehoney Kit.

Giving Back

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of our Kits will go to two non-profits: one that brings world wisdom to the United States and one that helps Earth’s honeybees thrive.

Yep. Culture & Bees. Life & Honey.


Japanese Kintsugi Kit:
For New Beginnings

“There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."
- Leonard Cohen

Kintsugi (金継ぎ, "golden joinery", pronounced keen-soo-gee) is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold. The sweetly mended pottery item is considered more beautiful than before it was broken.

LIFEHONEY’s™ Kintsugi Kit is an elegantly designed DIY Modern Kintsugi Ceremony. You are instructed to break one of LIFEHONEY’s handmade ceramic bowls, purposefully gluing it back together with our radiant gold paste, enacting a modern version of the ancient-Japanese-pottery-repair art form. The result: A keepsake to cherish for years to come, representing your new beginning. A new beginning made all the stronger through a process of ‘joining’ & celebrating the cracks of your past with the ‘gold’ we help you find in your present. Whether done with a partner, your family, or on your own, LIFEHONEY’s™ Kintsugi Ceremony is an act of choosing real Love.

“We break the idea of perfection, open to what is and love it all. This is Kintsugi.”
- Robin Sol Lieberman


  • Lovers' Kintsugi Kit: For Newlyweds
    Perfect Wedding Gift or Intimate Ceremony between you and your Spouse, helping bring your Vows to Life!
  • Family Kintsugi Kit: For Family Restructuring
    For use at your next Family Reunion or on a Special Sunday at home, honoring those who have passed and welcoming new members into your Family's Circle of Care.
  • Healing Kintsugi Kit: For Becoming Well
    Send as a Get-Well Gift or Gift to Yourself after a physical or emotional trauma. Can also be used by Couples who wish to heal a hurtful argument or a break in trust.
  • Loss Kintsugi Kit: For Processing Death
    Send as a Sympathy Gift, Gift to Yourself, or Use as a Community Ceremony at your Loved One’s Wake, providing a meaningful way for Family & Friends to Celebrate their Dead.
  • Growth Kintsugi Kit: For Reinventing Yourself
    Great Birthday Gift, Graduation Gift, New Year's Ritual shared amongst Friends, or Personal Ceremony to make room for the Next Version of You!

Each Kit comes with a custom Kintsugi Ceremony & Video Course designed to help you easily craft your gold bowl while being led mindfully into your new beginning. The courses are taught by Robin Sol, LIFEHONEY's Founder.

Wellness is our Wisdom™. Sweetening Change is our Mission.

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