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About Lifehoney

Blessings in a Backpack is a nonprofit organization that works to feed low-income students over weekends when schools are closed. In response to COVID-19, Blessings in a Backpack is bringing bags of food to kids whose schools have closed.

For Each LIFEHONEY Gift Kit you purchase, we donate $50 to Blessings in a Backpack. For each LIFEHONEY Love Jug you buy, we donate $20.

Shop at LIFEHONEY to help Blessings in a Backpack feed kids during this public health emergency. As little as $4 provides a Blessings bag of food to a child facing food insecurity now and when kids return to school.

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Calm Your Mind, Open Your Heart and Build Resilience

In response to COVID-19, we are offering one free Mindfulness Class weekly. You can join LIFEHONEY's Founder, Robin Sol Lieberman, and her community of mindfulness students by clicking the link below at the time indicated. No class registration is necessary and all mindfulness sessions are free.

Tuesday Mindfulness with Robin at 7:30PM PDT

Sunday Mindfulness with Robin at 5:00PM PDT

- Kintsugi Art by LIFEHONEY® Class regular, Rachel Smith.

See more of Rachel‘s beautiful art HERE.

During a LIFEHONEY® class, you will:

  • experience the peace of a settled nervous system
  • enhance your vitality and vibrancy
  • explore your breath
  • learn tools for transforming emotional and physical pain
  • experience yourself as more than what you feel, sense, and think
  • connect with a community of wellness-oriented people
  • embrace perceived “imperfections”
  • increase empathy, compassion, and relationship skills
  • Rest in uncertainty
  • open to a brand-new chapter in your life!
  • build resilience
  • experience deeply nourishing relaxation
  • forever see yourself as a piece of Human-Kintsugi Art!