Free Mindfulness Class


Wellness is Our Wisdom

Free Mindfulness Class

Mindfulness Meditation is our Practice
Wisdom from ancient Japan shows us the Way…

Free Mindfulness Class

What’s Mindfulness?

The practice of being aware of what’s happening, as it’s happening, with a quality of attention that is kind, accepting, and non-judgmental.

During a LIFEHONEY® Class, you will:

  • see real kintsugi pottery
  • experience the peace of a settled nervous system
  • enhance your vitality and vibrancy
  • explore breath & movement with music
  • learn tools for transforming emotional and physical pain
  • experience yourself as more than what you feel, sense, and think
  • connect with a community of wellness-oriented people
  • embrace perceived “imperfections”
  • increase empathy, compassion, and relationship skills
  • open to a brand-new chapter in your life!
  • build resilience
  • experience deeply nourishing relaxation
  • forever see yourself as a piece of Human-Kintsugi Art!

All classes are virtual. You can join Robin and her community of mindfulness students by clicking the Zoom JOIN CLASS button below. No class registration is necessary. All mindfulness sessions are free.

2022 Mindfulness Class Schedule

Tuesday, April 12, 6:30-7:45 PM Pacific

Tuesday, May 10, 6:30-7:45 PM Pacific

June = No Class (Enjoy the entrance into Summer!)

Tuesday, July 5, 6:30-7:45 PM Pacific

Tuesday, August 2, 6:30-7:45 PM Pacific

Tuesday, September 6, 6:30-7:45 PM Pacific

Tuesday, October 4, 6:30-7:45 PM Pacific

Tuesday, November 1, 6:30-7:45 PM Pacific

Tuesday, December 6, 6:30-7:45 PM Pacific

Each LIFEHONEY® Kintsugi Kit comes with our GOLD mindfulness practice, guided by Robin.


Not planning on visiting the Southern California area but want to experience Robin’s G.O.L.D. Mindfulness Meditation? You can do so virtually!

Each LIFEHONEY® Gift comes with a downloadable G.O.L.D. audio meditation, guided by Robin.

Free Mindfulness Class Free Mindfulness Class


for your Mindfulness Practice

There is a treasure in your wound.
There is a treasure in your quirk; your lazy eye,
that strange smirk when you are pleased.
There is treasure in the hurts they imprinted in you.
There is treasure in your history.
There is treasure in the lives you lived so differently
than the one you choose to live now.
Go treasure hunting
for your Gold.
When it’s dark enough, they say, you can see the stars.
Pain is often a smoke signal, showing you the way Home.
Stay present
So you can feel for your Path
new in each moment.
Seeing the smoke is the first step.
It points to the falling away, the destruction, the change.
What’s left after the fire and the smoke is the only thing that matters anyway.
They also say,
what can never be taken away from you is the only thing that matters anyway.
Choosing to walk towards instead of away
is the second step.
The third asks you to embrace what you thought was ugly;
It wants you to hug your “bad.”
And if you’re with another, the treasure demands you expose your shame;
Air it out in love’s sunshine disinfectant.
You might faint.
Don’t worry.
3 little birds will always be singing at your doorstep.
Sing with them until you come to again.
Then, you will know that shame is not the truth about you.
Be watchful for the arising of pain.
It’s most likely a smoke signal calling you to treasure.
Do not turn away.

Free Mindfulness Class


for LIFEHONEY® Classes

“Your Guidance, being and overall just your self has helped me so so so much during some of my worst times. You have no idea how invaluable you've been to my growth in meditation and as a person in general. I'm sincerely grateful and so glad that we've been able to continue to practice, especially in these times. Thank you.”
- Fredy Herrera

“Tonight's mindfulness meditation class was amazing! Each class is different, exciting, and takes on a life of it's own. However, what is always present is connection and loving energy! Robin is an extremely effective facilitator. #iamgrateful”
-R. Adam Brown

“I’ve always been someone who is extremely bad at meditation; it tends to make me very un 'zen'. The experience with Robin was very different. Very visual. Very welcoming and I felt very safe...which is an overused word, but an extremely important one. Thank you Robin, for helping to shake me out of my dreary funk last night!”
-Rachel Smith